This article is in Russian language so far. Take a look onto our presentation. How to benefit from cost of natural gaz increasing. How to utilize marginal and abounded lands… читать

Participation in the online conference Bringing Value to Agrobiomas allowed our Company to take part in many online meetings with colleagues from all over Europe interested in the development of… читать

End of July 2018. Two more months of growing is ahead.

Energo Agrar has completed processing of the yield of Miscanthus Gigateus in retail products for export: 8 mm pellets, packed by 10 kg and 25 mm chips, packed by 25… читать

Energo Agrar is going to participate in Information Day “Use of underutilized land for sustainable bioenergy feedstock production – additional income to farmers”, 12 December 2017 with presentation of its experience… читать

  ENERGO AGRAR has been developing its Miscanthus Giganteus plantations throughout Ukraine. They are located in Western and Central regions. As usually we make the assessment of results every November… читать

Interesting experience from France of how to increase profitability of marginal and underutilezed landplots. Bio-concrete blocks made of Miscanthus chips if a good opportunity to expend local business and help… читать

September 21, 2017: Within framework of the Ukrainian-Netherlands forum “The biofuel market in Ukraine: a step towards energy independence”, “Energo Agrar” shared their planting experience with Dutch and Ukrainian scientists… читать

September 15, 2017: “Energo Agrar” is a reliable supplier of Miscanthus rhizomes of Verum sort for our customers in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. “Energo Agrar” together with experts of the… читать

September 14, 2017:   Energo Agrar is a reliable supplier of healthy, hand-cutted Miscanthus Giganteus rhizomes of highest quality for customers from Ukraine and Eastern Europe. The results of first year… читать