Miscanthus  Giganteus is a perennial high yielding grass. Miscanthus Giganteus is a reliable source of energy, because its straw contains of 64-71% cellulose. One ton of dry Miscathus biomass by energy… читать

Miscanthus propagation Miscanthus giganteus does not propagate by seeds in the Ukrainian climate conditions, so the only way of planting is to use seedlings obtained by dividing the Miscanthus rootstocks… читать

Pre-planting work starts at Autumn: plowing Cultivation fertilization (Autumn cultivation) Spring pre-planting work plowing cultivation In Ukraine Miscanthus rhizomes are planted through April- Mid of May In 3-4 weeks Miscanthus… читать

All our rhizomes are cutted and sorted mannually to provide our customers with planting material of highest quality in accordance to existing requirements Photo: Rhizomes cutting and sorting Miscanthus Roots… читать

Due to Miscanthus Giganteus contains large amount of lignine and cellulose it can be used for a number of applications. Miscanthus and Products Pharmaceuticals and chemistry Feed and bedding for… читать

After 3-rd year of growing Miscanthus plantation is ready for harvesting. By this moment in Ukraine its yielding is about 15 tn/Ha. 3-rd year plantation in November looks like this…. читать