ENERGO AGRAR have completed harvesting of yield of Miscanthus Giganteus in April 2017. The plantation was established in 2014 and total area was about 207 Ha. By the end of 3rd… читать

Enargo Agrar established pilot Miscanthus project of 5Ha in Kiev region at 2012. The main task were to investigate: the proces of new plantation propagation of how rhizomes of different… читать

First pilot plantation of Miscanthus Giganteus of 32 Ha have been established in Zhytomir region in 2013.    First year in June 2013 First year in June 2013 At the end of… читать

Energo Agrar has provided  Miscanthus rhizoms of Verum sort supplying, agro-consulting services and project management for industrial plantation of 230 Ha establishment. Planting of Miscanthus seedlings was carried out in… читать

Energo Agrar has established 207 Ha of Miscanthus Giganteus of Verum sort plantation in 2014. By harvesting results of early spring of 2017, average yielding was about 15 tn/Ha.