Turn key solutions for Miscanthus plantation

The yielding of Miscanthus plantation depends on number of factors. Energo Agrar can help You to take into account their influence in specific location and for specific wheather conditions. We can support Your Miscanthus project in several ways, starting from supplying You with our rhizomes and ending with complex turn key solution from the scratch.

 These services include, but not limited by:

    1. Pre-planting financial planning (business case calculation for initial assessment)
    2. Pre-planting business planning
    3. Customer staff training
    4. Pre-planting site preparation
    5. Supervision of planting processes
    6. Project management of plantation establishment
    7. Lending of planters and of additional equipment
    8. Weed control and consulting services
    9. Supplying of Miscanthus Giganteus rhizomes of Verum sort
    10. Post-planting taking care of plantation and consulting services

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