Technology of Miscanthus planting

Miscanthus propagation

Miscanthus giganteus does not propagate by seeds in the Ukrainian climate conditions, so the only way of planting is to use seedlings obtained by dividing the Miscanthus rootstocks – Rizomes or using in-vitro technology

Planting material – cutted rootstock (rhizomes)

(Phot of Miscanthus rhizomes)

Rhizomes planting

Preferable time for Miscanthus planting: April-May
We plant Miscanthus rhizomes using special planting machines.

(Photo of planting machine)

Rhisome are planted at depth на глубине 10-15 см  planting density for industrial plantation is 12-14,000 rhizomes per Ha.
Planter of such type can plant of up to 10 Ha per day

(Process of planting. Ukraine, Kiev region)

Energo Agrar can provide their customers with special list of technology operations developed for specific land plots based upon results of soil analysis.
To secure Your investment into Miscanthus plantation we can provide You with additional service – project supervision. Our experts will be monitoring progress of plantation establishment and will be consulting You in case of need.


Miscanthus planting process