The yielding of Miscanthus plantation depends on number of factors. Energo Agrar can help You to take into account their influence in specific location and for specific wheather conditions. We… читать

Establishment of Miscanthus plantation starts from soil analysis, followed by development of agro-tecnical plan which is the base for list of technological operations further development. List of technological operations obviously… читать

Miscanthus Giant grows and produces biomass for 20-30 years after planting. The creation of the Miscanthus Giant plantation is a profitable and long-term investment, and, like any investment, such a… читать

Miscanthus plantation successful establishment by 50% depends on: – quality of rhizomes – quality of pre-planting soil preparation – experience of agronomist and his ability to monitor and control chalenges… читать

Energo Agrar cultivates Miscanthus Giganteus starting from 2009. Our planting material originates for Austria. Rhizomes are prepared directly before delivery and are packaged to secure seedlings for whole planting period…. читать

Energo Agrar have planting maching for lending to its customers. One planter provides customer with the ability to plant of up to 10 Ha/day. It requires 4-5 workers after special… читать

Energo Agrar provides our customer’s staff with on-site training cources. Customer’s agronomists are consulted of how to cultivate and treat the specific customer’s plantation within next two years of its development…. читать