Miscanthus Giganteus: General facts

Miscanthus  Giganteus is a perennial high yielding grass.

Miscanthus Giganteus is a reliable source of energy, because its straw contains of 64-71% cellulose. One ton of dry Miscathus biomass by energy is equal to 750 kg of coal.

High yielding of dry biomass – in Ukraine we get of 20-25 tn/Ha, that is equal to  10-14 tn of coal.

Economically reasonable plant:  1 ton of Miscanthus straw requires 10 times less expenditures comparing to other types of straws.

High output from hectar: Miscanthus straw in Ukraine generates of up to $800/Ha per Year that is times more than from the majority of other traditional Ukrainian agro-plants.

Miscanthus is a best opportunity:

  • to deversify Your product portfolio;
  • to increase Your revenue from non-productive or unused land plots;
  • to get reliable source of local energy.