Energo Agrar has processed yield of Miscanthus of 2017.

Energo Agrar has completed processing of the yield of Miscanthus Gigateus in retail products for export: 8 mm pellets, packed by 10 kg and 25 mm chips, packed by 25 kg. These products are intended for export to EU. There are packed in PE bags of high quality and placed on EPAL certified paletts.

Certain volume of chips and pellets are always available for shipping.

Please do not hesitate to get our offer. To get the quotation  please reffer to us by e-mail or fill in the form for request.

Supplying of Miscanthus Giganteus rhizomes

We supply our customers with fresh and healthy rhizomes (seedlings) of Miscanthus Giganteus of at least 8-10 cm in length, Our rhizomes have at least 4-6 buds. They are prepared directly before delivery.

Photo of 3-rd year rhizomes

Quality of our rhizomes are provide by:
– good origin (from Austria),
– optimal climate conditions and quality of soil at nursery plantation.
– propagated from 2-3 years plantations,

Our rhizomes are cutted and sorted manually, thus providing our customers with planting material of sustainable quality.

Energo Agrar has registered Verum sort of Miscathus Giganteus. Patent of sort and Certificate of registration are required in Ukraine to sell rhizomes and biomass legally.